What I Know About Fishing

What’s Being Said…

WHAT I KNOW ABOUT FISHING SOUTHWEST FLORIDA is a straight-forward vault of information on how to improve one’s successes at catching the major inshore species from the Ten Thousand Islands through Charlotte Harbor. Derived from decades of fishing these waters as a guide and angling educator, Captain Rob Modys digs deep into the sciences, revealing how weather, tides, moon phases and other external factors influence the movements and feeding patterns of tarpon, snook, redfish, sea trout, permit and others. The respective top artificial lures, natural baits and terminal rigs are covered, obtained from Modys’ time on the water. The science slant alone is well worth the cost of the book. Add in everything else on scoring Southwest Florida’s key inshore species along with a smattering of stories and humor, and this book will prove hard to put down. —  George Poveromo – George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing

I received a copy of your book yesterday and have already read through half of it.  It’s brilliant. It’s such a rich and diverse subject, but you make it seem so simple, explaining things in clear, easily understandable language. I can’t believe how thoroughly you have covered this subject, and in such a small wonderfully organized book. I love the conversational tone of your writing. It’s like you’re taking your reader on a fishing trip with the most knowledgeable guide in Southwest Florida. How generous you are, freely telling us all of your hard-earned secrets. What a precious gift you have given us. Thank you. — Clyde Thorp – Windstar Fishing Club

Just received your book in the mail! Looks fabulous!!! Very professional! The photos in it are really great quality! I know it costs so much more for color, but the fish are prettier in color and you have had a very privileged life with the fish community so glad you made them look good too. The content is very detailed. — Catherine – Naples, Florida

Excellent!!! Great job, you hit all the right topics with your usual casual but accurate remarks and suggestions. — Tom Mann – Vanderbilt Fishing Club

I wish I’d had this book over 25 years ago when I moved here. What an amazing resource packed full of tips and most importantly the reason “why” behind the “how” to catch fish. Having been fishing in SW Florida for a long time, this book was a surprise with how much new information I gleaned by reading it. It also re-enforced and reminded me of many techniques and tactics. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone new to the area as well as the old salts. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? Well, Capt. Rob has taught this old dog a few more with this book. Thanks! — Jake — Amazon Book Review